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Special Punching And Labeling Machine For Bag Making

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  • Release date:2018/12/11
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Detailed introduction



The machine applies to automatic punching and labeling of sanitary napkin bags, web wipe bags, diaper bags, and food packaging bags.


● In support of installation on a bag making machine to achieve concurrent working with the bag making machine and improve efficiency and quality.

● Maximum width per unfolded film600mm (the width can be extended based on actual requirements).

● Be compatible with three-side, four-side, middle, or lateral sealing machines with film width 400mm,500mm, or 600mm.

● Inner diameter of paper rollb76mm; outer diameter360mm.

● In support of sticker labeling of rolling machine.

● Machine materials:S304 stainless steel and anodized advanced aluminum alloy.

● Power for punching and labeling: advanced servo motor.

● Control: international well-known PLC and PC products and touch screen.

● Installation rack: designed and manufactured in accordance with specifications of the bag making machine.

● Requirement for bag making machine: stable running.

Label specifications: Bottom paper width 20~120mm(width can be adjusted according to customer requirements)

Punching cutter: Outer axle diameter less than 72mm, and roller length less than 120mm

Labeling precision: ±1mm(except for errors of the products and labels)

Labeling speed: Concurrent with the speed of the bag making machine

Manpower cost: No extra manpower cost. The bag making operator can complete the operation

Power: 2.5KW, AC220V,50Hz

Net weight of machine: 210kg

Boxing weight: 300kg

Machine dimensions: L1300mm×W1000mm×H1200mm

Boxing dimensions: L1400mm×W1100mm×H1400mm


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