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Automatic Corner And Edge Sealing Machine

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  • Release date:2018/12/13
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Detailed introduction


● The machine design boasts operation simplicity, cost effectiveness, durability, safety. and low fault rate.

● Machine width and height can be adjusted according to carton specifications. The machine can seal cartons of the same type at the same time.

● After the middle, upper and lower openings of the carton are sealed by the front section sealing machine, the carton enters the 90° structure and is pushed by the pushing board into the corner and edge structure for automatically sealing and smoothing the four corners and edges at the same time.

● After the sealing, the carton looks eye-pleasing. Besides, the sealing is quick and saves labor force.

● The machine is installed with a blade protection device to avoid stabbing during operation.

● The machine can be connected with the TPA, TPB, or TPC model to complete carton sealing.

Carton dimensions:L320-500×W200-500×H180-500mm

Table height:600mm The height can be adjusted according to customer requirements

Sealing speed:480-600 carton/hour

Machine dimensions:L1900×W1130×H1530mm

Power:220/380V 1∮-3∮50-60Hz

Air pressure:6kg/cm3


Net weight of machine:400kg


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